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Resolution, mood swing and a few other factors

Resolution, mood swing and a few other factors

So, I just passed the first day of the new year, the new decade.

There are already arguments over whether the 2020 is a new decade or not! People always love debates. Better, take whatever you make out of it! Does the previous sentence make any sense? No? Forget it! Life is full of absurdity, abstractions, so being forgetful is not such a shame that you would repent for ever.

While I was writing this, somebody shouted in the distance. He was doing his job, and I was doing mine, although we were connected through sound waves. That is life. Absurd life.

I was thinking about 2010. Yes, 10 years back. This is one advantage of life – you can always look back. You will say, why, I can look forward also! Really? Are you talking about the resolutions you have made recently on the eve of the new year?

Well, I cannot really look much forward. There is one reason. Man proposes and God disposes. We are told that man is endowed with reason and capable of distinguishing good from evil, right from wrong. You must place reason over your impulse. Think before doing anything. It’s OK with me. However, I always feel there is some designs for everyone. We need to understand that designs first, after that, we need to make it better and better and better.

Then, only after then, you may have a slight chance to plan anything before and follow your own designs without any expectations.

Does resolution have any place in this absurd world?

In 2010, I had never imagined about the last day that I just passed – 1st January, 2020.

Now every day, I will try to make the designs, made for me, better and better and better by working stones into tools! Without any expectations, of course. I only hope those tools will help others.

What can I do? Neither a pessimist, nor an optimist, I only know that there is always right or wrong. The decision is yours.

Work hard, without any expectation.

Why we are not happy


Have you ever been tormented by the feelings of insecurity?

I have.

Much later I came to know that the feelings of insecurity were actually a chimera. At no point, the life is secured. At no point, you know what is going to happen in the next few seconds.
Because my life is not in my hands. We cannot control how long it’ll stay with us. Nobody else can control its expiry date. It’s not a simple product manufactured in a factory where you can predict the expiry date. It’s neither a license that can be renewed on expiry.
Still, we feel insecure. How funny is it!
Happiness bears a relationship to the feelings of insecurity and happiness changes its position in the relationship to the feelings of insecurity. Happiness is expected to increase if the feelings of insecurity gradually decrease.
Feelings of insecurity are the root-causes of all types of anxiety. Depression. And, finally, unhappiness. Clinical reasons may aggravate it and for that, you need to consult your doctor; but in most cases, we can take care of it primarily just by changing our lifestyle.
The first step is – talk to yourself and try to know what torments you the most. If you dig deep, you will reach the atomic level where lies your feelings of insecurity.
Just forget about it.
You are alive; just enjoy each moment and try to make it better through sheer hard work.