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Know yourself first, your strength and weakness



Photo by Kuno Schweizer on Unsplash

Know yourself first.
Know your weakness and strength, after that you can decide which way to go.
However low you go down, there is always a choice between right and wrong.
At that time, your knowledge will help you.
Know yourself first.

নিজেকে জানাটা সবার অাগে দরকার।
নিজের জোর, নিজের দুর্বলতা।
যত নিচেই নামো না কেন, দেখবে সেখানেও ভাল ও খারাপের ভিতর তফাত করার দরকার হয়ে পড়ে।
নিজেকে জানাটা সবার অাগে দরকার।

The Art of Knowing

The Art of Knowing

The art of knowing is to know what you learn about yourself.

You must reach somewhere. In your writing, in your life. It is quite true that you don’t want to reach anywhere! Well, that is also fine. But you must notice about yourself.

Do you want to be something? A writer? An actor? A singer or coder? Or a gunner like John Smith of ‘The Last Man Standing’ repute? You must love and enjoy your work.

I didn’t realize, and I never tried to identify.

Milton knows ‘each lane and every alley green.. of this wilde Wood.’. Don’t get offended with the ‘wilde’  spelling. At the time of Milton, he wrote that way, when Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp were not there.

To get to the knowledge of all the lanes and by-lanes of my mind was difficult. And I cared a fig! I never tried to do that; I never tried to question the impulses that took me to the dark side of the moon.

For a long time, I have suffered from a state characterized by persistent egocentric and aggressive behavior. I could not form normal relationships with others; with women.

Disturbed and insecure childhood, adolescence? Maybe. May not be!
It was in my nature. And I didn’t ask myself why I was doing this? I had more impulse than focused intention. No, I didn’t want to hurt anybody; just impulsive! Overpowering impulse hurt people; I didn’t notice.

There had been one enemy: my own impulses that had made a man more Don Quixotic than Don Quixote; who had hurt many people without seeing the consequences? A childish attention seeker. Bullshit.

After questioning a lot, I kept questioning and tried to learn the root of all evils and found: restlessness! I did not channelize it to more meaningful, organized creations.

When I write my mind achieves peace.

Oh, peaceful state of mind and the art of experiencing yourself.

Fifteen Rules that can Kill your Killer Impulses


Sometimes an indefinitely large force of brief duration produces a finite momentum. In Physics, it is called “Impulse”.

This strange bond between indefinition and the terminable whole gamut of emotions, from happiness to sorrow and back, seems fuzzy, abstruse, and inscrutable. Although beyond our comprehension, it takes full control and forces us to do things that we don’t do in general with enough reasoning power.

When we act on impulse, we don’t understand we’re acting on impulse. It’s tragic but true. Our logical sense fails us; it’s a complete failure, irreversible; and it allows animal heat take the steering of our mind to drive us to a dark corridor where we don’t want to step in, not even in our bad dreams.

The ‘impulse’ comes, a sudden appearance; it forces us, instructs us-do this, do that and we obey without any protest. An all-pervasive, momentary blindness consumes us, like fire, destroying our logical senses, reasoning power for a brief duration.

After producing a finite momentum that ‘indefinitely large force’ suddenly disappears leaving us in a state of complete disarray and a usual disaster follows.

We buy something on impulse, splurging money. Later we repent-oh, we could have spent that money in a more meaningful way. But it’s too late!

We cannot suppress our sexual impulse and later we either repent alone or get punished somehow or other.

What can I do? What can you do? What can we do?

You may try these simple rules in your life.

  1. Slow down. What’s all the hurry for? Just refuse to be hurried into a decision. Remember, only devils are in hurry and they always provoke you to take a decision in such a hurry that you must mistake.
  2. Remember rule number one again. Slowing down, or planning in well advance doesn’t mean an unwillingness to work or make any effort. This is wisdom.
  3. Ask yourself one question: am I in full control of myself? Try to control only yourself, not others. At the same time don’t let others control you or your decisions.
  4. Anger and libido are silent killers. If you let them rule over you, you are away from the correct path. However, this is the way people or animals naturally behave or react.
    What we can do to avoid unpleasant situations? Remember rule number one.
  5. Releasing anger and libido in private, alone is the perfectly sane solution. Go to the toilet, close the door, be alone and vent your anger, frustration, animal heat-alone. Yes, alone. Not in public. This world is a stage and we all are actors. I hope you get the clue.
  6. Technology is going to change this world in the coming years and yes, this change will affect many things including our lifestyle. Learn technology that suits your mindset.
  7. There is three categories-a basic user who knows the basic operations and aware of security breaches, a front-end developer and aware of security breaches, and finally, a programmer who knows technology upside down. Learn it at your pace. Remember, when the outside world is changing you must take part, otherwise, you will lag behind.
  8. Knowledge is your real investment and your true friend in difficult times.
  9. Whatever you do, a bank job, hotel job, maybe you are in sales and services, whatever your profession is, besides that try to find out the real passion that gives you real pleasure when you are alone.
  10. In most cases, people are not happy with what he does as a professional. So, find out your true passion and plan to give it at least ten years to master the subject. It will save you one day when your unhappiness as a professional reaches the peak and you think about leaving the job. However, by that time you are in a position to take the harshest decision of your life.
  11. Now you have mastered something that might be a good launching pad to start a new profession that you really love and care about. Remember, in the age of technology, age is a number. You can start learning anything anytime without spending money; that’s the good side of technology. There are plenty of bad sides, but you’ll be going to be aware of them, isn’t it?
  12. To learn anything new, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.
  13. Always try to save 40 to 50 percent of the money you are earning. Is there any relation between impulse and savings? Yes, everything is related to our life.
  14. Imagine a situation where you have done something out of impulse and now you’re trying to rectify it, you’re trying to focus more on your living and find that without taking the voluntary unemployment you cannot do that. Your savings might come to your help at that time to give you enough time to settle in your new role.
  15. Finally, last but not least; remember the rule number one before taking any decision.

Does Extramarital Affair ever look Ethical


The question looks critical-does extramarital affair ever look ethical?
Sometimes people place their ambitions above everything and in such cases, an extramarital affair appears perfectly logical and acceptable to them.
Why it happens?
It is because they want to go extra mile for more power, high position, and money. And, they are ready to sleep with somebody.
Yes, I know people who accept their spouses’ extramarital affairs and likewise, they take advantage from that.
I have written about this topic Medium

An optimistic sigh!


There is, really, no need to get nasty with fellow people. However, when I think that most of all people feel the need of food very badly and don’t get it for a few people, it really leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.
Poverty makes things too difficult for children to learn a few new things. It is. Although there is nothing new in this statement. Billions of words have been written, hundreds and thousands of doctoral thesis have been passed on this topic. Many will be written in the future; and, alas, billions of people still live in poverty.
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Please Don’t Close the Doors


Don’t close the doors
Maybe someone saw possibilities which didn’t occur to her; the worst of all possibilities – death’s untimely visit. So it didn’t occur.
Maybe and may not be.
However, whether it occurs or not, possibilities remain endless, really endless; as death is a short night followed by endless day. And that is the reason, why you shouldn’t stop, shouldn’t allow the negative thinking pour into your heart.
When you stop at the doors set in the imaginary walls of possibilities, please try to open them; with empathy, with love, with utmost care. Being a good loser is always better than ending your life as a bad loser.
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Are you jealous?


I have seen many persons of possessive and jealous passion.
It could be very simple, seemingly, of course. Some guys would get jealous if their wives talked to another man at a party. Some students, very young they are, are very jealous, they won’t tolerate a pinch of the success of another student.
These lists are endless.
I knew one lady, wife of my very close friend, she was so insanely jealous, she couldn’t stand the thought of her husband talking to another girl.
I had been jealous too, in the past, when I didn’t know that a person should reason with his or her all the negative emotions and ultimately come out with success.
The consuming fear, suspicion or this wrong belief fails to stem the tide of faith, happiness, and peace.
More negative emotions arise from jealousy of someone’s success. You cannot let it happen.
Reason with your jealousy, tell yourself, this won’t do any good. When jealousy involves possessiveness, it could have disastrous consequences for the loved object.
Don’t let negative emotions cause pleasure. Think about one thing – many people in this world don’t have happy marriage, memory, and childhood.
They see the joyful tide. Someday, you will cross the mountain.

Why reason is important


Can you please give me one good reason why I should be reasonable?
I can give you plenty of reasons.
One of them – I want peace. I think peace is the most basic ingredient we need in our life. And “reason” can only make a state peaceful, easy going.

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Why is self control important


What is the main ingredient that can control everything in our life?
I have thought about it and I have considered many aspects at first; such as anger, such as desire, such as courage etc.
Suppose you have managed your anger or temperament; will that control other weaknesses?


It doesn’t.

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Who Am I?


Recently I asked one of my friends – have you ever thought about this question? Who am I?
The friend said, why, I am a human being. Did you expect something else?
I said, yes, I really did.
The friend shrugged his shoulders and made a gesture to me – the use of posture clearly indicated what he had thought about me – an insane!
Still, I stick around the same answer – yes, I did expect some other answers apart from the most common one – I am a human being.
Well, what would I say if I were asked the same question?

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