Know yourself first, your strength and weakness



Photo by Kuno Schweizer on Unsplash

Know yourself first.
Know your weakness and strength, after that you can decide which way to go.
However low you go down, there is always a choice between right and wrong.
At that time, your knowledge will help you.
Know yourself first.

নিজেকে জানাটা সবার অাগে দরকার।
নিজের জোর, নিজের দুর্বলতা।
যত নিচেই নামো না কেন, দেখবে সেখানেও ভাল ও খারাপের ভিতর তফাত করার দরকার হয়ে পড়ে।
নিজেকে জানাটা সবার অাগে দরকার।

What do I deserve!


What did I deserve after all the hard work I had done?
What do I deserve after all the hard work I have done?
What will I deserve after all the hard work I will have done by the time of my death?
I was talking about all the hard work; but, for whom, for what purpose? What was the nature of that hard work? If my hard work causes or does harm to other living beings? What should I deserve?
I am asking myself!
I need to question myself.

Money? No! Fame? No! Peace? Yes!


We can cut one piece of mind into two pieces. Yes, I am talking about separation of our mind. Sometimes we use another word, compartmentalization.

In separate compartment our mind, we can keep separate tasks to be finished later.

Why do we think of different tasks to do? Why do we distinguish between them? Because dividing a big task into small tasks makes the workload less daunting, difficult.

Finishing one task successfully gives us money. Finishing another job successfully makes us famous. And we are happy.

But what about peace?

Happiness is not all about peace. What about unsuccessful jobs, think about it! Happiness turn from a good state to bad state. It changes our mental state, at the same time.

Peace is constant. A final rule that governs our mind. Life.

Money does not matter. Fame does not matter. They do not come here to stay!

Peace matters. Why? Because it stays with us.

Think about Peace.

Why Plato Still Matters




Yes, the Greek philosopher and thinker, Plato still matters.
Because we, the people want to achieve fulfillment through our life. And Plato helps us to achieve that goal. How our lives become more fulfilled? How we could achieve peace and happiness?
Plato thought about it much earlier, more than two thousand years ago.
He told us to “Think more.”
When we ‘think more’, we can find the more logical path to attain fulfillment.
Only thinking more helps us to find out that the person we love, is actually admirable; because of this admiration, we fall in love.
So, Plato told us ‘let your lover change you’.
Yes, the person we admire most, love madly, must have something that we can learn and take into our heart to become more wise about life. May be he or she is more honest than you, maybe he or she has more guts than you, more courageous than you.
You need to learn many things from your lover.
So, let your lover change you.
Plato thought about beauty not as an object of lust, but he said, any beautiful thing is actually has many qualities in it that we don’t have. So, try to read that secret message that a beautiful thing is whispering.
Plato also felt the urge to educate people first and then only let them allow to vote.
We know how relevant is that now!

Resolution, mood swing and a few other factors

Resolution, mood swing and a few other factors

So, I just passed the first day of the new year, the new decade.

There are already arguments over whether the 2020 is a new decade or not! People always love debates. Better, take whatever you make out of it! Does the previous sentence make any sense? No? Forget it! Life is full of absurdity, abstractions, so being forgetful is not such a shame that you would repent for ever.

While I was writing this, somebody shouted in the distance. He was doing his job, and I was doing mine, although we were connected through sound waves. That is life. Absurd life.

I was thinking about 2010. Yes, 10 years back. This is one advantage of life – you can always look back. You will say, why, I can look forward also! Really? Are you talking about the resolutions you have made recently on the eve of the new year?

Well, I cannot really look much forward. There is one reason. Man proposes and God disposes. We are told that man is endowed with reason and capable of distinguishing good from evil, right from wrong. You must place reason over your impulse. Think before doing anything. It’s OK with me. However, I always feel there is some designs for everyone. We need to understand that designs first, after that, we need to make it better and better and better.

Then, only after then, you may have a slight chance to plan anything before and follow your own designs without any expectations.

Does resolution have any place in this absurd world?

In 2010, I had never imagined about the last day that I just passed – 1st January, 2020.

Now every day, I will try to make the designs, made for me, better and better and better by working stones into tools! Without any expectations, of course. I only hope those tools will help others.

What can I do? Neither a pessimist, nor an optimist, I only know that there is always right or wrong. The decision is yours.

Work hard, without any expectation.

A new year, a new decade

A new year, a new decade

The 1st January of any year is very special to me.


It is a new day! Nothing else. Believe me or not; years, decades, centuries … they simply don’t matter in our lives.

What matters?

Days. Hours. Minutes and Seconds. Moments. They are building blocks of your works that you are going to do, or in the midway of doing. They are the foundations on which you will create something new and that will help others to learn something new, helping others; it’s recursive. This helping process.

Your works, your deeds, really matter. And it’s a continuous process. Years are stations where we stop, think and proceed further.

What is your design and how can you change your destiny

What is your design and how can you change your destiny

An idea wakes me out of sloth. Did my creator design a blueprint before I was born? Did I owe my birth to the design that guided me through the turmoil of war and peace?
This design is not a fixed one. We are not supposed to follow it as it is.
On the contrary, we can change it. You would bring peace to your life as soon as you could get your violent nature changed! You would bring harmony to your life as soon as you could get your greediness changed. (However, I support the greediness of knowledge! :))
Having an inordinate appetite for materials that you don’t need, only makes things bad. For you. For everybody around you.
A design of life implements the design of destiny; but it is at your hands to change it.
Change the sad song to a happy one. Enjoy it!

Yes, I am Alone, but not lonely

Yes, I am Alone, but not lonely

Now my mother is no more. She died many years ago. Physically.

Spiritually, I am not sure if death ends everything.

Anyway, she helped me come to this world. A very complex, and sometimes cruel world. However, mother nature is still there to nurse all the wounds, like my mother did.

When you get busy with your work, you try to help other people related to your work, you become alone.

You start to talk to your work, the conversation that your friends no longer understand.

You are alone.

Wrath: One of Seven Deadly Sins

Wrath: One of Seven Deadly Sins

Anger is like holding a piece of burning coal in your hand; you have planned to throw at somebody.

You have an intense anger. Being angry with this person has made you forget that holding a piece of burning coal is actually hurting you!

Buddha, many years ago, realized it and warned us about “wrath”, one of seven deadly sins.

Hostile or warlike attitude does not give us peace. It is a kind of aggressiveness or pugnacity that we should always be careful about; furthermore, a state of deep-seated ill-will remains with us forever.

We don’t want war; we want peace.