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What XML deserves…


XML is really interesting tool to play with. The more you get accustomed with it, you might be tempted to do the same data operations that you usually do with any data source, like SQL Server.
The thing is, since I don’t know XML properly, I can not play with it the way it deserves.
After all in this world, you should try to do justice to everything that comes to you and ask for your interference.
Hopefully I’ll able to justice to it one day 🙂
I am also very curious about the relations between xml and php.

Some words about IIS


I had to format my C Drive to freshly install IIS. After that Visual Studio is installed and now its working beautifully.
I did not install SQL Server again as I am using SQL Express that has been shipped with VS.
For other users my suggestion is: locally its better not using SQL Server 2005/2008.
Its wise to use SQL Express Database in APP_Data folder.

The philosophy of object oriented programming


Programmatically today is good. I added user and membership tables using aspnet_regsql.exe in a database. After creating it I connected it through Provider class in web.config.
Next, I created roles programmatically and assign roles to users.
This is great. I wanted to do it for last two three days and failed. But the method is not very difficult at all.
You use a command line code like this:
aspnet_regsql.exe -d -E -A all
pressing enter the required classes(tables) will have added to the database. Now using the proper connection string you can get connected to the database.
The next steps are pieces of cakes as you drag web controls from Login toolbox. The default classes automatically attached and next thing you write down a class which inheriting from SqlProvider overrides the methods to create Roles and assign users to that roles.
Asp.Net ships with plenty of classes that you can use with your classes and create objects accordingly.
This is the greatness of Object Oriented Programming.
I find it Philosophical getting reflections of the real world. Don’t you?