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Are you restless?


Are you suffering from the excessive unease and disquiet? It is not your fault. You cannot also fault your father or mother. Neither of them has responsibility. We are all restless, and we have to deal with this problem judiciously.
First, give yourself some time to find out the root cause.
There are many causes, that could make you restless. It could be either external and most of the time it is internal.

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Life calling….


Expectations kill. It not only kills but in our modern day lifestyle, it is probably the meanest vice that make our life full of restless waves.
If I’m asked, what is your primary goal in your life, what do you want in your life, I’ll answer in negative.
I don’t want anything.
Now here is the catch. Do I really believe it?
I look upon, want to go down into my mind, and, oh my goodness, I find out just the opposite!
It is full of expectations. Though I can see, hear, walk, do other physical activities more or less, but still I want more.
What I want?
I want money, honour, success…..I’m full of pride, envy, my ego stays above everything. If I don’t get what I want, I get insulted. Anger is the meanest vice that often blurr my visions. I can’t think logically.
Where is love? Lust overpowers love.
Expectations overrule everything. I want more and more…..and never reach peace.