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Money? No! Fame? No! Peace? Yes!


We can cut one piece of mind into two pieces. Yes, I am talking about separation of our mind. Sometimes we use another word, compartmentalization.

In separate compartment our mind, we can keep separate tasks to be finished later.

Why do we think of different tasks to do? Why do we distinguish between them? Because dividing a big task into small tasks makes the workload less daunting, difficult.

Finishing one task successfully gives us money. Finishing another job successfully makes us famous. And we are happy.

But what about peace?

Happiness is not all about peace. What about unsuccessful jobs, think about it! Happiness turn from a good state to bad state. It changes our mental state, at the same time.

Peace is constant. A final rule that governs our mind. Life.

Money does not matter. Fame does not matter. They do not come here to stay!

Peace matters. Why? Because it stays with us.

Think about Peace.

What is your design and how can you change your destiny

What is your design and how can you change your destiny

An idea wakes me out of sloth. Did my creator design a blueprint before I was born? Did I owe my birth to the design that guided me through the turmoil of war and peace?
This design is not a fixed one. We are not supposed to follow it as it is.
On the contrary, we can change it. You would bring peace to your life as soon as you could get your violent nature changed! You would bring harmony to your life as soon as you could get your greediness changed. (However, I support the greediness of knowledge! :))
Having an inordinate appetite for materials that you don’t need, only makes things bad. For you. For everybody around you.
A design of life implements the design of destiny; but it is at your hands to change it.
Change the sad song to a happy one. Enjoy it!

Wrath: One of Seven Deadly Sins

Wrath: One of Seven Deadly Sins

Anger is like holding a piece of burning coal in your hand; you have planned to throw at somebody.

You have an intense anger. Being angry with this person has made you forget that holding a piece of burning coal is actually hurting you!

Buddha, many years ago, realized it and warned us about “wrath”, one of seven deadly sins.

Hostile or warlike attitude does not give us peace. It is a kind of aggressiveness or pugnacity that we should always be careful about; furthermore, a state of deep-seated ill-will remains with us forever.

We don’t want war; we want peace.

Peace or desire, the decision is yours

Peace or desire, the decision is yours

Peace and desire, both are endless.
But you cannot fulfill your desire. It is like a bucket that has a hole.
While getting a bodily pleasure, your brain never stops. After some time, your brain wants more variety. And after that, it wants again. This wanton never stops.
Peace has no connection with bad consequences. A desire always does. Anxiety, tension, a fear of getting caught always chase you like a demon.
A physical thrill and psychological kick end in mess. Like a vicious cycle, like an octopus, the endless desire embraces you. Not the embrace of love; it gives you sleepless nights-one after another.
However, is desire always bad?

Are you jealous?


I have seen many persons of possessive and jealous passion.
It could be very simple, seemingly, of course. Some guys would get jealous if their wives talked to another man at a party. Some students, very young they are, are very jealous, they won’t tolerate a pinch of the success of another student.
These lists are endless.
I knew one lady, wife of my very close friend, she was so insanely jealous, she couldn’t stand the thought of her husband talking to another girl.
I had been jealous too, in the past, when I didn’t know that a person should reason with his or her all the negative emotions and ultimately come out with success.
The consuming fear, suspicion or this wrong belief fails to stem the tide of faith, happiness, and peace.
More negative emotions arise from jealousy of someone’s success. You cannot let it happen.
Reason with your jealousy, tell yourself, this won’t do any good. When jealousy involves possessiveness, it could have disastrous consequences for the loved object.
Don’t let negative emotions cause pleasure. Think about one thing – many people in this world don’t have happy marriage, memory, and childhood.
They see the joyful tide. Someday, you will cross the mountain.

Why reason is important


Can you please give me one good reason why I should be reasonable?
I can give you plenty of reasons.
One of them – I want peace. I think peace is the most basic ingredient we need in our life. And “reason” can only make a state peaceful, easy going.

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Who Am I?


Recently I asked one of my friends – have you ever thought about this question? Who am I?
The friend said, why, I am a human being. Did you expect something else?
I said, yes, I really did.
The friend shrugged his shoulders and made a gesture to me – the use of posture clearly indicated what he had thought about me – an insane!
Still, I stick around the same answer – yes, I did expect some other answers apart from the most common one – I am a human being.
Well, what would I say if I were asked the same question?

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let peace flow…


What is the relationship between knowledge and a restless soul? I presumably got a hint about it when I first got attracted to Internet technology, web programming language like php and later ASP.NET.
I was fascinated, over-bloody-whelmed with this magical digital output.
I forgot to write stories. I forgot that there was a design waiting for me to write few words in Bengali.
I jumped from human to machine language.
Every morning I oscillate between my desktop to laptop creating, destroying many applications, testing, building, writing few lines of code, dreaming one day I’ll change the course of Life writing a one-line-code!
Knowledge increasingly makes my soul restless. The urge of creation takes control but overall a typical consumerist expectation of earning more money using my newly developed skill, knowledge engulf me.
I’m drowned. Pulled down to the darkness of ubiquitous process of money making.
But I don’t want to lose this battle to few bucks. I want to love. Let love come, let peace take control, let it flow…

Life calling….


Expectations kill. It not only kills but in our modern day lifestyle, it is probably the meanest vice that make our life full of restless waves.
If I’m asked, what is your primary goal in your life, what do you want in your life, I’ll answer in negative.
I don’t want anything.
Now here is the catch. Do I really believe it?
I look upon, want to go down into my mind, and, oh my goodness, I find out just the opposite!
It is full of expectations. Though I can see, hear, walk, do other physical activities more or less, but still I want more.
What I want?
I want money, honour, success…..I’m full of pride, envy, my ego stays above everything. If I don’t get what I want, I get insulted. Anger is the meanest vice that often blurr my visions. I can’t think logically.
Where is love? Lust overpowers love.
Expectations overrule everything. I want more and more…..and never reach peace.