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Tarzan and Gore Vidal


I was bit confused at the start. Whether I’ll write only technical blogs on my favourite subjects (ASP.NET or PHP) or keep moving on diffrent tracks?
After a little bit introspection, I decided to move outside the technical topics. The thing is, there are so many good moments that I’d like to share with the world!
Like, few days back, I read a very nice article on Edgar Rice Burroughs the creator of Tarzan by Gore Vidal.
Here is the link
an intersting article
It’s simply witty, full of humor and insight.
It took me to the great childhood days of seventies. 🙂
I’d like to add few lines regarding this. Mainly for one reason. My childhood days revolved around few characters like Tarzan, Phantom, Mandreck, Lothar, Flash Gordon…But I’ve to name few more characters with whom I got aquainted later like Dipak-Ratan, Biumal-Kumar, Jayanta-Manik etc.
Due to that, I’d like to name Swapankumar with Edgar Rice Burroughs. Swapankumar is not internationally acclaimed children writer, neither his characters Dipak-Ratan, but his simple prose, fighting sequences, mystery(if there is any :)), had tremendous impact on my small imaginary world.