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What this OOP does in ASP.NET


This qustion really haunts beginners. When you build up a web site with the help of Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 or 2010, the basic steps are easy. In fact, it seems that it’s a piece of cake. But when you are asked to write down a class of your own which will control the Default.aspx page to display something it turns around to difficulties.
Even, the seasoned computer addicts are puzzled at some points when they are asked to go through the basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming.
They are confused. They eventually ask silly questions like : what this object oriented programming does in ASP.NET?
This questions really haunt beginners. What actually happens? How it happens? Why should I learn object oriented programming to build web site etc.
I want to understand this from the angle of a student. And I’ll try to write about it in a few installments so that a beginner like me can start from zero and build up a web site that will talk to the datas in a databse and make things happen.