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Why Plato Still Matters




Yes, the Greek philosopher and thinker, Plato still matters.
Because we, the people want to achieve fulfillment through our life. And Plato helps us to achieve that goal. How our lives become more fulfilled? How we could achieve peace and happiness?
Plato thought about it much earlier, more than two thousand years ago.
He told us to “Think more.”
When we ‘think more’, we can find the more logical path to attain fulfillment.
Only thinking more helps us to find out that the person we love, is actually admirable; because of this admiration, we fall in love.
So, Plato told us ‘let your lover change you’.
Yes, the person we admire most, love madly, must have something that we can learn and take into our heart to become more wise about life. May be he or she is more honest than you, maybe he or she has more guts than you, more courageous than you.
You need to learn many things from your lover.
So, let your lover change you.
Plato thought about beauty not as an object of lust, but he said, any beautiful thing is actually has many qualities in it that we don’t have. So, try to read that secret message that a beautiful thing is whispering.
Plato also felt the urge to educate people first and then only let them allow to vote.
We know how relevant is that now!

What is your design and how can you change your destiny

What is your design and how can you change your destiny

An idea wakes me out of sloth. Did my creator design a blueprint before I was born? Did I owe my birth to the design that guided me through the turmoil of war and peace?
This design is not a fixed one. We are not supposed to follow it as it is.
On the contrary, we can change it. You would bring peace to your life as soon as you could get your violent nature changed! You would bring harmony to your life as soon as you could get your greediness changed. (However, I support the greediness of knowledge! :))
Having an inordinate appetite for materials that you don’t need, only makes things bad. For you. For everybody around you.
A design of life implements the design of destiny; but it is at your hands to change it.
Change the sad song to a happy one. Enjoy it!

The Art of Knowing

The Art of Knowing

The art of knowing is to know what you learn about yourself.

You must reach somewhere. In your writing, in your life. It is quite true that you don’t want to reach anywhere! Well, that is also fine. But you must notice about yourself.

Do you want to be something? A writer? An actor? A singer or coder? Or a gunner like John Smith of ‘The Last Man Standing’ repute? You must love and enjoy your work.

I didn’t realize, and I never tried to identify.

Milton knows ‘each lane and every alley green.. of this wilde Wood.’. Don’t get offended with the ‘wilde’  spelling. At the time of Milton, he wrote that way, when Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp were not there.

To get to the knowledge of all the lanes and by-lanes of my mind was difficult. And I cared a fig! I never tried to do that; I never tried to question the impulses that took me to the dark side of the moon.

For a long time, I have suffered from a state characterized by persistent egocentric and aggressive behavior. I could not form normal relationships with others; with women.

Disturbed and insecure childhood, adolescence? Maybe. May not be!
It was in my nature. And I didn’t ask myself why I was doing this? I had more impulse than focused intention. No, I didn’t want to hurt anybody; just impulsive! Overpowering impulse hurt people; I didn’t notice.

There had been one enemy: my own impulses that had made a man more Don Quixotic than Don Quixote; who had hurt many people without seeing the consequences? A childish attention seeker. Bullshit.

After questioning a lot, I kept questioning and tried to learn the root of all evils and found: restlessness! I did not channelize it to more meaningful, organized creations.

When I write my mind achieves peace.

Oh, peaceful state of mind and the art of experiencing yourself.