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How to tell a story in a simple way…

How to tell a story in a simple way…

I am trying to share a few of my intimate feelings about telling a story in a simple way.

Telling something complex in a simple way is difficult. Firstly, it depends on how you think. Secondly, how you put forward your logical thinking using blocks of sentences. Finally, those bocks should look good and sound meaningful.

Language has its own scientific rules. I am not a linguist, although I wish I had been. Whatsoever, I want to learn a few tricks to have my writings done in a meaningful way like a lady has done her hair or nails, in a beautiful way. Why they do so? They want to communicate. We all want to communicate. I also communicate using my words.

It is better to learn the rules of communication.

What are the rules?

Rules are not very complicated. They are simple as long as you accept them as your friends. When you don’t like rules, they become your enemies.

A sentence has two key things. Phrase and Clause.

Phrase consists of a combination of words. Nor it is a sentence, neither it is a part of a larger sentence. Consider a phrase – on the river.

On the other hand, a clause is either a sentence or a part of a larger sentence. Consider a clause – There is a house. Consider another clause – Where we live.

Now we understand one key difference between a phrase and a clause.

A phrase doesn’t have any finite verb. It might have other parts of speech. But a clause has a finite verb.

Now the time has come to add phrase and clause to make a complete sentence.

There is a house – on the river – where we live.

A house on the river.

Can we conclude anything from it?

Sure, we can. We can use a phrase inside clauses.

Are there anything else?

Yes, there are. But they are simple enough to understand.

A sentence has two key parts. Subject and predicate. The subject could be a noun, pronoun, noun clause, adjective or adverb clause. But what about the predicate? The predicate consists of the most important part of the sentence – a verb. We must remember that in parts of speech, verb has the higher order than a noun. Without a verb, a sentence is not grammatically complete.

What is a verb? A verb says something about a noun or a pronoun, communicating about the subject and object.

A sentence stands on the forms of verbs. A verb changes its forms and the meaning of a sentence depends on it.

Consider a sentence – We went to the market yesterday.

Let us change the form of the verbs and see what it communicates.

We went to the market yesterday but the flower shop had closed. Because we had been walking for a long time, we were tired so we didn’t search for another shop.

Now consider three different types of sentences communicating the same meaning.

Whether the shop was open was still unknown.

We went to the market but there was no surety whether the shop was open.

We didn’t know whether the shop was open.

The first one is a noun clause. The clause “whether the shop was open” has acted as noun in the first sentence.

In the second one, it acts as an adjective clause.

And in the last one, it acts as an adverbial clause.

What is the next big thing?

The relationship between a principal clause and sub-ordinate clause is the next big thing to understand how a sentence works.

The main verb always goes with the principal clause. Consider the following sentences.

That I will meet you in the evening is certain.

Where I will meet you in the evening is certain.

Who will meet me in the evening is certain.

Three noun clauses, here, act as subordinate clauses. In my opinion, the subordinate clause always plays the most important role when we build a sentence. Of course, without a principal clause a sentence cannot stand. But subordinate clauses make it interesting.

Wrath: One of Seven Deadly Sins

Wrath: One of Seven Deadly Sins

Anger is like holding a piece of burning coal in your hand; you have planned to throw at somebody.

You have an intense anger. Being angry with this person has made you forget that holding a piece of burning coal is actually hurting you!

Buddha, many years ago, realized it and warned us about “wrath”, one of seven deadly sins.

Hostile or warlike attitude does not give us peace. It is a kind of aggressiveness or pugnacity that we should always be careful about; furthermore, a state of deep-seated ill-will remains with us forever.

We don’t want war; we want peace.

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins

Sit quiet. Alone. Think about the seven deadly sins.

Do you have pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth?

I have. Yes, some of them. Sometimes, in the past, recent or long ago, I don’t remember now. I was an unfortunate person who suffered from the seven deadly sins.

We all did. Human beings are tricked, either by environmental or by internal circumstance and suffer from the adverse circumstance.

I ask myself a few questions. Do I know everything? The answer is NO. Self-respect goes perfectly fine. However, unreasonable and inordinate self-esteem invite trouble – that becomes a sin, according to the Christian teachings. That is pride.

According to Bhagavad Gita, don’t expect from what you are doing; you are doing nothing new; someone has done it before; somebody will do it after you. Enjoy your work. Don’t take pride in your work.

Is there any difference between greed and lust? Yes, a subtle one. It is difficult to make fine distinctions. Greed for money, lust for someone. Somebody hankers for fame! That is greed. It does not last. Lust for a man or woman does not last.

This is for today’s post. I will write again, later. On other aspects of seven deadly sins. Besides, I want your suggestions.

The Art of Knowing

The Art of Knowing

The art of knowing is to know what you learn about yourself.

You must reach somewhere. In your writing, in your life. It is quite true that you don’t want to reach anywhere! Well, that is also fine. But you must notice about yourself.

Do you want to be something? A writer? An actor? A singer or coder? Or a gunner like John Smith of ‘The Last Man Standing’ repute? You must love and enjoy your work.

I didn’t realize, and I never tried to identify.

Milton knows ‘each lane and every alley green.. of this wilde Wood.’. Don’t get offended with the ‘wilde’  spelling. At the time of Milton, he wrote that way, when Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp were not there.

To get to the knowledge of all the lanes and by-lanes of my mind was difficult. And I cared a fig! I never tried to do that; I never tried to question the impulses that took me to the dark side of the moon.

For a long time, I have suffered from a state characterized by persistent egocentric and aggressive behavior. I could not form normal relationships with others; with women.

Disturbed and insecure childhood, adolescence? Maybe. May not be!
It was in my nature. And I didn’t ask myself why I was doing this? I had more impulse than focused intention. No, I didn’t want to hurt anybody; just impulsive! Overpowering impulse hurt people; I didn’t notice.

There had been one enemy: my own impulses that had made a man more Don Quixotic than Don Quixote; who had hurt many people without seeing the consequences? A childish attention seeker. Bullshit.

After questioning a lot, I kept questioning and tried to learn the root of all evils and found: restlessness! I did not channelize it to more meaningful, organized creations.

When I write my mind achieves peace.

Oh, peaceful state of mind and the art of experiencing yourself.

Peace or desire, the decision is yours

Peace or desire, the decision is yours

Peace and desire, both are endless.
But you cannot fulfill your desire. It is like a bucket that has a hole.
While getting a bodily pleasure, your brain never stops. After some time, your brain wants more variety. And after that, it wants again. This wanton never stops.
Peace has no connection with bad consequences. A desire always does. Anxiety, tension, a fear of getting caught always chase you like a demon.
A physical thrill and psychological kick end in mess. Like a vicious cycle, like an octopus, the endless desire embraces you. Not the embrace of love; it gives you sleepless nights-one after another.
However, is desire always bad?

Spies in the Skies


NASA's disgraceful role in sky spying

From the very beginning NASA scientists, engineers and technologists take part in indirect sky-spying activities.

Declassified documents released by US government agencies like CIA, NRO are saying so. The truth has an official seal. NASA had designed shuttles that carried US spy satellites to orbit. Declassified documents depict a disgraceful relationship between NASA and CIA, the US Department of Defense (DoD), and National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). These agencies took part in designing NASA’s Shuttles throughout the 1970s.

I have recently written a cover story in Tehelka magazine, on the same topic.
You can read the full article here below:

Spies in the Skies