A website seems incomplete without an “about” page.

Isn’t it?

So, after a little contemplation, I decided to include one “about” page about “Sanjib Sinha”.


It was a time when I didn’t know what was my purpose and why I had come to this world!

This is very challenging. You are about to write about yourself.

I have to look suitably humble. I’m going to show a low estimate of my own importance. Although it is not true,

In this website, old importances come swimming back – friends, restless soul, hunger for power, lust for women, everything that had been haunting me in the past.

It is true, I take my courage in both hands, now I’m almost running up the path to my destiny.

I have chosen a half-cultivated fields bordered with narrow grass path.

As an author of six books (published by Apress/Springer) and winner of Microsoft’s Community Contributor Award in 2011, I’ve not journeyed in this land before.