A new year, a new decade

A new year, a new decade

The 1st January of any year is very special to me.


It is a new day! Nothing else. Believe me or not; years, decades, centuries … they simply don’t matter in our lives.

What matters?

Days. Hours. Minutes and Seconds. Moments. They are building blocks of your works that you are going to do, or in the midway of doing. They are the foundations on which you will create something new and that will help others to learn something new, helping others; it’s recursive. This helping process.

Your works, your deeds, really matter. And it’s a continuous process. Years are stations where we stop, think and proceed further.

About sanjibsinha

Author of six books; Sanjib Sinha has written Beginning Ethical Hacking with Python, Beginning Laravel (Two Editions), Beginning Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux, Bug Bounty Hunting for Web Security, and A Quick Start Guide to Dart Programming for Apress/Springer. As a .NET developer, he won Microsoft's Community Contributor Award in 2011. Know his journey as a writer at https://sanjibsinha.fun.

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