Yes, I am Alone, but not lonely

Yes, I am Alone, but not lonely

Now my mother is no more. She died many years ago. Physically.

Spiritually, I am not sure if death ends everything.

Anyway, she helped me come to this world. A very complex, and sometimes cruel world. However, mother nature is still there to nurse all the wounds, like my mother did.

When you get busy with your work, you try to help other people related to your work, you become alone.

You start to talk to your work, the conversation that your friends no longer understand.

You are alone.

About sanjibsinha

Author of six books; Sanjib Sinha has written Beginning Ethical Hacking with Python, Beginning Laravel (Two Editions), Beginning Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux, Bug Bounty Hunting for Web Security, and A Quick Start Guide to Dart Programming for Apress/Springer. As a .NET developer, he won Microsoft's Community Contributor Award in 2011. Know his journey as a writer at

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