Monthly Archives: August 2019

Our Limitations


I know I have limitations. I don’t know whether I would ever be able to overcome some of them and push myself forward. A little bit forward that will bring more joy.

However, I am happy with my limitations. Having a boundary in my life expectancy, I will have to go to another world, one day. I will start a new journey. Why should I worry about my limitations? Let me try to overcome it; earnestly, happily. If I fail? I will take it easy!

Once I have known my limitations, my expectations descend in free fall under the influence of gravity! I let them fall and enjoy watching it. It gives me pleasure when I think I have no expectations in my life.

What will I expect? Money? Success? Everything has limitations. I have not come with anything, I will not go with anything. I enjoy my works. I enjoy this or that, or something else, without hurting anybody.

And I am happy about that.