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Love in the time of Orkut




Time was, time is, but the opportunity never knocks twice, so use it before the Time is past.
I first created an account on Facebook for sending a friend request to a girl.
While reading this, you don’t need three guesses to smell any extramarital affair. Let me reassure you first, I was a bachelor then.
The social media Orkut had been popular. At least throughout Calcutta my friends, including me, had an Orkut account to get around; Facebook was not as popular as it is now.
I worked for an Advertisement agency as a copy editor.
It was a reputed company having a spacious office inside an old building, decorated. There was a giant door in front of the office. Fair Mahogany wood crafts. It always would take efforts to open it. It was so heavy.
One day while I was to open the door to enter the office, she was coming out. We both were in a hurry, and if that massive door was not in between us, we would have collided.
She put her one hand on the back side of the door and pulled it towards her, holding its inner part and I tried to pull it towards me. We stopped for a while and stared at each other.
That was the first time, we met, and the experience was electrifying. I looked at her more than I needed. Right before my eyes, two large eyes bright with excitement. I felt I had never seen such lovely eyes in my life.
Her name was Gayaki. She had joined our office very.
Then, we would meet, in the corridor, inside the canteen, and it was frequent. When I looked into her eyes, sometimes she looked back, sometimes she didn’t.
Wondering how much time nature had taken to create such magnificent eyes.

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