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An Unfinished Story…


It was a dark and stormy night and there was a short power cut which plunged me into darkness. I looked out of the window to see if the neighbors had been affected. Upon opening the curtains, I saw a note stuck to the window. It had just one word written on it, “Run!”
The result was utter puzzle and bewilderment. It raised a number of important questions: who wrote it; for what reasons; should I take it seriously?
Sure of the eye and quick on my feet, I decided to stay and look around my room. It seemed to me a file had been shifted but I couldn’t be sure.
The telephone began ringing, all of a sudden; and I listened to it till it had sounded. It stopped and then sounded again. I picked up the receiver. Someone muttered with a harsh, hoarse voice: what you are waiting for? Run!

Does Extramarital Affair ever look Ethical


The question looks critical-does extramarital affair ever look ethical?
Sometimes people place their ambitions above everything and in such cases, an extramarital affair appears perfectly logical and acceptable to them.
Why it happens?
It is because they want to go extra mile for more power, high position, and money. And, they are ready to sleep with somebody.
Yes, I know people who accept their spouses’ extramarital affairs and likewise, they take advantage from that.
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