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An optimistic sigh!


There is, really, no need to get nasty with fellow people. However, when I think that most of all people feel the need of food very badly and don’t get it for a few people, it really leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.
Poverty makes things too difficult for children to learn a few new things. It is. Although there is nothing new in this statement. Billions of words have been written, hundreds and thousands of doctoral thesis have been passed on this topic. Many will be written in the future; and, alas, billions of people still live in poverty.
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Please Don’t Close the Doors


Don’t close the doors
Maybe someone saw possibilities which didn’t occur to her; the worst of all possibilities – death’s untimely visit. So it didn’t occur.
Maybe and may not be.
However, whether it occurs or not, possibilities remain endless, really endless; as death is a short night followed by endless day. And that is the reason, why you shouldn’t stop, shouldn’t allow the negative thinking pour into your heart.
When you stop at the doors set in the imaginary walls of possibilities, please try to open them; with empathy, with love, with utmost care. Being a good loser is always better than ending your life as a bad loser.
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Are you jealous?


I have seen many persons of possessive and jealous passion.
It could be very simple, seemingly, of course. Some guys would get jealous if their wives talked to another man at a party. Some students, very young they are, are very jealous, they won’t tolerate a pinch of the success of another student.
These lists are endless.
I knew one lady, wife of my very close friend, she was so insanely jealous, she couldn’t stand the thought of her husband talking to another girl.
I had been jealous too, in the past, when I didn’t know that a person should reason with his or her all the negative emotions and ultimately come out with success.
The consuming fear, suspicion or this wrong belief fails to stem the tide of faith, happiness, and peace.
More negative emotions arise from jealousy of someone’s success. You cannot let it happen.
Reason with your jealousy, tell yourself, this won’t do any good. When jealousy involves possessiveness, it could have disastrous consequences for the loved object.
Don’t let negative emotions cause pleasure. Think about one thing – many people in this world don’t have happy marriage, memory, and childhood.
They see the joyful tide. Someday, you will cross the mountain.