Why is self control important


What is the main ingredient that can control everything in our life?
I have thought about it and I have considered many aspects at first; such as anger, such as desire, such as courage etc.
Suppose you have managed your anger or temperament; will that control other weaknesses?


It doesn’t.

You still have to face your desirous mood. Prolonged Lusts. And so many things.
Then I have tracked it down reversing the order. We need to control everything; so why not we can associate it with self-control?
Yes, that is it!

It really makes us separate from our other weaknesses, frailties.

Self-control covers everything. Gaining control of yourself is the key.
Train your brain to ask yourself before doing something silly. Whatever you do, do it keeping one thing in your mind – will it help me achieve the long-goal?
If it doesn’t, stay away from doing it. Just ignore your impulse and say, it won’t help me reach my goal.
Finally, you must set a goal.
Small in an amount at the first. Then try to raise it.
Yes, that will take you to the top.
Train your brain, don’t let the brain train you.

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