ASP.NET and PHP, a basic difference


In ASP.NET you need to declare data type of variable explicitly. Like int num; that means num variable knows how much place it will hold in memory. It could be string str; float flt etc. But in PHP you need not do that. Usually you write $number to declare a integer variable.
So it is wise to pick up variable name so that it will mean either integer or string.
In PHP when you take up someone’s name you may write $name. It could be a string.
Actually what happens, PHP engine interprets the variable according to the value you are assigning it. That makes it operative part a little bit easier.
The CRUD concept is present in both. But, in ASP.NET it is more complicated and divided into many sections. Of course, people who know ASP.NET, may find it more organized too.
Lastly, due to windows, ASP.NET gives you a desk top experience and much more user friendly. If PHP gets something like this (I know nothing about zend framework although), it will be unstoppable and unparalleled due to its Open Source Presence.
Lastly, to host a ASP.NET site is more costly than PHP, and other Open Source helps make PHP much more desirable.


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