I started this blog mainly with a plan – I’d try to evaluate ASP.NET and PHP, tracing a honest comparison between these two great programming languages.
Frankly speaking when I tried to do my hands dirty with codes, I found that I have still miles to go in PHP specially. I’m still learning ASP.NET, but about PHP I’m still lurking in darkness. So I’d better have a grasp first.
One thing I can say for sure, PHP is easier to pick up and easier to implement.
If you consider The OOP part, Object Oriented part of ASP.NET will take some time to learn and understand and it gets complicated a little bit with newly built classes belong to App_Code folder and calling them into Page class and run methods.
In PHP, just use include method anywhere, either in the class where you’d like to call a function from another class or include in your PHP page.
So OOP seems bit easier to me in PHP than ASP.NET.
I’d like to write more about it later.


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