Monthly Archives: October 2010

A good movie…


Last night watched a good movie : Public Enemies.
Not from the beginning but I had enjoyed it thoroughly to midnight. Johnny DeppGood Actor is as usual great. Very Stylish. I was surprised to see the acting ability of Marion CotillardGood Actress
Added later: Cotillard has great expressive eyes. But I like that of “G”, as “G” has bigger grabby, striking eyes.

Security in ASP.NET


While reading a good book on Security, I found it really interesting that, ASP.NET 2.0 has made it so ubiquitously simple for the developers and at the same time so difficult for the malicious users.
The HttpHandler concept is amazing.
You can stop downloading from any folder. It is difficult for users to view any folder. Restricting access to any folder has been made very simple. One day I’ll definitely share my experiences.
I am also curious to know how the same thing is being managed in PHP.


let peace flow…


What is the relationship between knowledge and a restless soul? I presumably got a hint about it when I first got attracted to Internet technology, web programming language like php and later ASP.NET.
I was fascinated, over-bloody-whelmed with this magical digital output.
I forgot to write stories. I forgot that there was a design waiting for me to write few words in Bengali.
I jumped from human to machine language.
Every morning I oscillate between my desktop to laptop creating, destroying many applications, testing, building, writing few lines of code, dreaming one day I’ll change the course of Life writing a one-line-code!
Knowledge increasingly makes my soul restless. The urge of creation takes control but overall a typical consumerist expectation of earning more money using my newly developed skill, knowledge engulf me.
I’m drowned. Pulled down to the darkness of ubiquitous process of money making.
But I don’t want to lose this battle to few bucks. I want to love. Let love come, let peace take control, let it flow…

Application service programmatically


I’d like to share how one can make Application Service programmatically without using website configuration tool.
It’s easy and very funny not requiring much code! But, you need to have a MsSql database having aspnet_regsql.exe installed there, ie; you need to have membership API created in that database.
In fact I’d like to share the sql.mdf script also. But the main problem here is, I can not use code tag. It does not work.
May be one day I’d solve it somehow.

Children of God!!!


There are so many small organizations in and around work silently for deprived children, mentally challenged and older people.
Today, a small news came from Alipurduar. Children from deprived family collected new dress for their mothers. I was amazed, how a small organization (people even don’t know the name) organized it successfully and people also participated willingly and gave new saree for their mothers.
But who will give some dresses to those children in this festive season?