Monthly Archives: July 2010

What XML deserves…


XML is really interesting tool to play with. The more you get accustomed with it, you might be tempted to do the same data operations that you usually do with any data source, like SQL Server.
The thing is, since I don’t know XML properly, I can not play with it the way it deserves.
After all in this world, you should try to do justice to everything that comes to you and ask for your interference.
Hopefully I’ll able to justice to it one day 🙂
I am also very curious about the relations between xml and php.

Trying some XML


I was trying to build some application in a free hosting site but finding its database was not working properly, I tried to get my hand dirty in XML. Actually Xml is really poerful, but somehow in my VS or Machine, Xpath or XSLT was not working exactly how I wanted.
Any way better luck next day!