Monthly Archives: June 2010

Some words about IIS


I had to format my C Drive to freshly install IIS. After that Visual Studio is installed and now its working beautifully.
I did not install SQL Server again as I am using SQL Express that has been shipped with VS.
For other users my suggestion is: locally its better not using SQL Server 2005/2008.
Its wise to use SQL Express Database in APP_Data folder.

How to install IIS and run ASP.NET engine


The whole afternoon went to fix up IIS in my Laptop. Actually till today I test my every kind of aspx web application in file system.
From today, I will go for IIS, almost adieu File Syatem?
Still the concept of virtual directory seems to be rather obscure, but I probably understood it at last! 🙂
After installing IIS it’s important to run aspnet_regiis.exe in Command Prompt. For the beginners, it’s important, don’t forget!

Passing data between pages in ASP.NET


On a stateless protocol such as HTTP, and ASP.NET on the server side, how do you manage state on the Web?
Actually to pass data from one page to other page in ASP.NET, you can use several techniques.
You imagine something like this: http://… /page.aspx?state=some
So basically it’s about state mangement. And please remember there is no right answer.
There are some server side options : Application state, Cache object, Session state, Database.
Some client side options : Cookie, Hiddden field, ViewState, ControlState, QueryString (URL).
There is a great debate, which one is best?