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From Human to Machine Language


I am really happy that at this age(nearing 45), at last I find some reasons to keep living on.
Some people adored my style of writing and I feel fortunate and grateful to my Life(I like the word Rabindranath used=Jiban Devata). But there is a limitation. In Bengali language the scopes of writing are getting reduced. It’s unfortunate but true that, literary world shrinks here. You can keep on writing as long as you wish but you won’t get the same pleasure that writers would get 20 or 25 years back.

Any way, still Literature is my first Love.
But I felt that I can’t live only around that. Literature can fill some gap but probably not all.
In this situation, I suddenly discovered there is something called Internet which is Live and Kicking. It gets you connected to the whole world.
My world of Imagination suddenly got a jolt. I found, in this world, there are so many interesting things under the Sun!
One of them is Web Langauage.
So an amazing journey began, from Human to Machine Langauge.
The most attractive thing of technology/science is that, it never lets you sleep. Something is happening. Always. You don’t find time to get depressed!
Technology is the best anti-depressant I found!
It keeps me going. I love it. I live on it now. And hopefully I can do something useful for the children, for the old, for the mentally challenged.
One day, I hope to use technology and the power of word together to find a solution to the faults in the programming of Nature and Life(again joking :)).

NULL is not empty!


If you have ever been worried about “what is NULL” in programming world, then here is a very good definition.
The best and shortest definition for NULL is “undefined.” In your Department table, only DepartmentID and Name are required, so Description is optional—meaning that you are allowed to add a new department without supplying a description for it. If you add a new row of data without supplying a value for columns that allow nulls, NULL is automatically supplied for them. Especially for character data, a subtle difference exists between the NULL value and an “empty” value. If you add a product with an empty string for its description, this means that
you actually set a value for its description; it’s an empty string, not an undefined (NULL) value.
The primary key field never allows NULL values. For the other columns, it’s up to you to decide which fields are required and which are not.

This definition has been taken from:
Beginning ASP.NET 2.0
E-Commerce in C# 2005
From Novice to Professional
Cristian Darie and Karli Watson

I’d always like to share the solutions of the problems I faced in my life. I, too, at times was confused about what is NULL values?

Good, Bad and Ugly…


The good, bad and ugly! Three faces of modern technology that really fascinates me.
Internet has made things easy. No problem. Whatever your requirements, be it edcational, se****, anything else… you’ll get a good slice.
Sometimes, I find it extremely useful. How? I’m going to explain. It may not make you happy.
As an Indian I don’t earn such amount of money that would enable me to buy foriegn books(mainly on web programming) on a regular/monthly basis.
Each book costs around Rs 1500 to 2000 or more.
How we’ll buy these books? No way. Even we can not think of.
Internet solves the problem. I frantically searched a book on ASP.NET. It was around Rs 2000. It was impossible to buy.
But few minutes ago I downloaded it. Knowledge should be free. At least for countries like us.

Where is the Story-Teller?


It’s almost two years that I did not write a story!
My last story “Pakhi Ure Jai” was published in Desh, and that was nearly two years back.
What happened to me?
Nothing. I just don’t get enough time to write. Web Programming steals my all imagination. And after ‘G’ left my office in August, 2008, leaving her beautiful eyes in my dreamy memory, I did not fall on any damn girl’s love. And I promised not to!
How can Sanjib Sinha write? So, now, he writes codes only!

The basics of Forms Authentication


Again I come back with an old issue : Forms authentication.
Now in a Matthew MacDonald and Mario Szpuszta book I found a very nice diagram which beautifully explains how forms authentication is activated.
First the diagram:

How Forms authentication works...

Next the good reasons. As they described,
• You have full control over the authentication code.
• You have full control over the appearance of the login form.
• It works with any browser.
• It allows you to decide how to store user information.

Now the steps how you’ll proceed
1. Configure forms authentication in the web.config file.
2. Configure IIS to allow anonymous access to the virtual directory, and configure ASP.NET to
restrict anonymous access to the web application.
3. Create a custom login page that collects and validates a user name and password and then
interacts with the forms authentication infrastructure for creating the ticket.
Here I’d like to add one thing, if are not keen on configuring IIS it’s no problem. ASP.NET, itself will tackle the issue fantastically. So first of all you need to add this code to web.config,

This is the most basic part. After this step, you can create your own provider class in web.config, you can add profile to keep tracks of the users etc. But that is entirely other aspects.

My two amazing students…


A quick addition for today. I have two students of different age group. One is around 53/54 years old. I teach him ASP.NET!
Another one is around seven years. I assist him to do his home work, school task etc.
In ASP.NET, I know not everything, in fact I’m learning myself. So I did not want to start so soon. But Kartickda’s spirit in his age is indomitable. So I backed down and advised him to go slow so that in between I can learn.
Hagudu is more interested about getting my company, teaching him is not very important, going every Sunday morning and spend some time together is more important.
Before seeing him, getting closer to him, I did not know spending time with children could be so fascinating.
Moreover, I regularly feel, quite compulsively, every child should get access to learning, knowledge, school, books, color pencil, drawing book etc.
The slogan like one laptop per child seems to be a distant dream in our country, but we can at least assure that every child can go to school, at least.
But it is difficult, so difficult!