Apple versus Microsoft


Probably this news did not go unnoticed. Now Steve Jobs’ Apple is most valuable tech firm in the world and in NASDAQ it overtook old rival Bill Gates’ Microsoft.
Okay I’m a not a financial market expert nor I’m a tech guru so I can explain the nittygritty of this up and down.
What I can do is sharing my experience with Microsoft technology as a ASP.NET web developer. In a nutshell, Microsoft technology is superb. From the web development point I can say, it is almost unparallel. It is very very much user/developer friendly but not developing country friendly. 🙂
I hope you get my point. When you build a web site with visual studio, you can get the free versions of VS and SQL Server(Express) but a child knows you can not download it using a pirated Windows.
So here is the catch. You must buy a genuine Windows. DO you know how much it cost in a developing country?
In our country, India, a small percentage of people can buy that. Seventy percent (more than seventy crore) is BPL. Twenty five percent belongs to the Middle income group but not that all can buy genuine softwares.
So in India, like other developing country, there is a vast market of piracy. You have brilliant teams. Great thinkers who can make impossible things possible. Microsoft has everything to make technology talk. But what is the use of brilliance if that does not serve mankind, general people?
DO we really have something to do with this win and lose? Nothing at all. Apples’ IPad is too costly and moreover you can not probably download a pirated version from the internet.
So it really does not matter, who overtakes whom. Still Microsoft’s technology comes to our help. Microsoft definitely knows about the piracy, but until now it goes on and people with no money, can use their pirated softwares to make their living.
That is the good side of the Microsoft story. I don’t know how Apple’s technology will come to the help. Hopefully it’ll come.

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