From Human to Machine Language


I am really happy that at this age(nearing 45), at last I find some reasons to keep living on.
Some people adored my style of writing and I feel fortunate and grateful to my Life(I like the word Rabindranath used=Jiban Devata). But there is a limitation. In Bengali language the scopes of writing are getting reduced. It’s unfortunate but true that, literary world shrinks here. You can keep on writing as long as you wish but you won’t get the same pleasure that writers would get 20 or 25 years back.

Any way, still Literature is my first Love.
But I felt that I can’t live only around that. Literature can fill some gap but probably not all.
In this situation, I suddenly discovered there is something called Internet which is Live and Kicking. It gets you connected to the whole world.
My world of Imagination suddenly got a jolt. I found, in this world, there are so many interesting things under the Sun!
One of them is Web Langauage.
So an amazing journey began, from Human to Machine Langauge.
The most attractive thing of technology/science is that, it never lets you sleep. Something is happening. Always. You don’t find time to get depressed!
Technology is the best anti-depressant I found!
It keeps me going. I love it. I live on it now. And hopefully I can do something useful for the children, for the old, for the mentally challenged.
One day, I hope to use technology and the power of word together to find a solution to the faults in the programming of Nature and Life(again joking :)).


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