Good, Bad and Ugly…


The good, bad and ugly! Three faces of modern technology that really fascinates me.
Internet has made things easy. No problem. Whatever your requirements, be it edcational, se****, anything else… you’ll get a good slice.
Sometimes, I find it extremely useful. How? I’m going to explain. It may not make you happy.
As an Indian I don’t earn such amount of money that would enable me to buy foriegn books(mainly on web programming) on a regular/monthly basis.
Each book costs around Rs 1500 to 2000 or more.
How we’ll buy these books? No way. Even we can not think of.
Internet solves the problem. I frantically searched a book on ASP.NET. It was around Rs 2000. It was impossible to buy.
But few minutes ago I downloaded it. Knowledge should be free. At least for countries like us.


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