My two amazing students…


A quick addition for today. I have two students of different age group. One is around 53/54 years old. I teach him ASP.NET!
Another one is around seven years. I assist him to do his home work, school task etc.
In ASP.NET, I know not everything, in fact I’m learning myself. So I did not want to start so soon. But Kartickda’s spirit in his age is indomitable. So I backed down and advised him to go slow so that in between I can learn.
Hagudu is more interested about getting my company, teaching him is not very important, going every Sunday morning and spend some time together is more important.
Before seeing him, getting closer to him, I did not know spending time with children could be so fascinating.
Moreover, I regularly feel, quite compulsively, every child should get access to learning, knowledge, school, books, color pencil, drawing book etc.
The slogan like one laptop per child seems to be a distant dream in our country, but we can at least assure that every child can go to school, at least.
But it is difficult, so difficult!


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