Difference between ASP.NET and PHP


The first and foremost diffrence between these two great dynamic language is: simplicity.
To start working in PHP takes less than five minutes!
Yes, if you use Windows, just download WAMP and go to the www folder, create your own folder and save a php file (as you wish name it index.php) and starting WAMP server you can see the output.
The whole process will take less than 5 minutes.
If you are in LINUX/UBUNTU, then I’ll suggest to download XAMP for LINUX and running it there also will not take more than 5 minutes and less than 10 minutes 🙂
But in case of ASP.NET, to install VS it might take an hour or more!
Getting VS(you can download it from Microsoft directly, obviously not the enterprise one but the student edition), but again then it’ll take a fair amount of time.
So, if you consider the simplicity, PHP puts ASP.NET much behind.
Now, when the working environment is concerned, getting PHP codes is also much easier. Though, .NET community is also very strong and there are few good forums all around, but working in ASP.NET takes much more time than PHP.
In one aspect, I think ASP.NET puts PHP behind, is its user friendliness. In VS you can drag and drop great web controls that are ready to serve your order. You don’t have to write much code.
In PHP, there are thousands of functions but all you have to write single-handedly.
I don’t know much about the ZEND framework. Is it like VS where you can get the help of in-built functionality?
If anyone knows about it, please let me know.


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