Resolution Midway….


Ususally people make resolutions before a year starts.
I’m slightly different. So I start it midway, almost, as May is knocking the door yelling with temperature around 40 degree at noon though in the ‘midnight summer’ I find it cool.
So what is my new resolution that I’ll (any one bets on that) break, that is also midway :).
The resolution is I’ll try to write something, some words, oh, every word has its own universe, so you can imagine how heavy it can be to bear it in mind without putting it on digital paper.
So I’ll be a compulsive blogger. I don’t tweet. In fact, twitter attracts too many crowd, and I don’t like to stand in the crowd, I don’t like to follow other people, don’t like to be followed, so no tweeting at all, I’m happy with my big fat blogs.
And hopefully I’ll try to write it regularly!


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