All that I know about a Database


The heading seems funny, more like a fiction, but in reality I really knew something about database in the last few days.
What happened, I constantly tried to understand which procedure would have been best for the data manipulation in ASP.NET.
In PHP, I think this type of question won’t raise many a eyebrows as because you have to write down the codes and make it happen.
But in ASP.NET, there are plenty of ways.
Which one you’d take?
The connected or disconnected approach(as ADO.NET is basically a disconnected data structure)?
As one of my favorite author Mathew MacDonald wrote:

The DataSet tracks the changes you make to the records inside. This allows you to use the DataSet to update
records. The basic principle is simple. You fill a DataSet in the normal way, modify one or more records, and
then apply your update using a DataAdapter.
However, ADO.NET’s disconnected update feature makes far more sense in a desktop application than
in a web application. Desktop applications run for a long time, so they can efficiently store a batch of
changes and perform them all at once. But in a web application, you need to commit your changes the
moment they happen. Furthermore, the point at which you retrieve the data (when a page is first requested)
and the point at which it’s changed (during a postback) are different, which makes it very difficult to use the
same DataSet object, and maintain the change tracking information for the whole process.
For these reasons, the great majority of ASP.NET web applications use the DataSet to store data but
not to make updates. Instead, they use direct commands to commit changes.

This is debatable. Of course. As in the component model, one follows Disconnected Approach. And I personally found it more acceptable specially for the binary data.
Now, what I wanted to say at the end is that, everything in ASP.NET database manipulation depends typically on SQL you write. How efficient you are on writing SQL, is the main concern so learning Structured Query Language is very important but the great design tool VS2008 keeps it simpler for the novices like me.
I write all my queries through query builder using the wizard and it works fine.


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